Why Rawseeds?

The absence of standard benchmarks is a widely acknowledged problem in the robotics field, and is doubly harmful to it: firstly, because it prevents recognition of scientific and technical progress, thus discouraging research and development; and secondly, because it prevents new actors (and particularly companies) from entering the robotic sector, as heavy investments are needed to compensate for that absence. In particular, there is a distinct lack of quantitative benchmarking instruments to reliably assess and compare the performance of different systems.

Actually, one of the most substantial limitations to the development of mobile autonomous robotics is the sheer arduousness and cost of performing repeatable and reliable tests of systems and algorithms. In addition, it is difficult to quantitatively assess the performance of a system in ways which are meaningful to people outside the group who designed the system; and it is often impossible to compare the results obtained with different solutions or by different research teams. This has a stifling effect on the whole robotics field, especially where industrial research policies are concerned: no one is happy to operate in a field where marketable applications abound, but heavy investments are needed to simply check if an idea is a good one, before any engineering or industrial effort can even begin.

The problem described above has two causes: first, the experiments needed to test an algorithm or robotic system are extremely difficult and costly to set up; second, the unavailability of standard methodologies and applications to quantitatively evaluate the performance of such algorithms and systems makes the experiments nearly useless for groups different from the one which performed them in the first place.
Rawseeds strives to tackle and eliminate both causes of the problem.

There are many reasons why Rawseeds is useful and many categories of user who can benefit from Rawseeds.

The presence within the Toolkit of a corpus of already working algorithms (in the form of Benchmark Solutions) means that no one will ever need to “start from scratch”.

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